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implemented solutions


Analysis of customer experience, service and clientes behavior. Processes involving customers.

Layout of the store.

Product storage systems in the store. 

Visual management.

Installations, facilities, systems and processes

Support in management, design and improving of logistic storages (transport and distribution, distribution centers, airport storages, consolidation centers and cross docking, ecommerce warehouse, ecommerce orders, production processes, etc.).

Improvement processes: Lean methodology, 5S and improvement teamwork groups.


Load consolidation, load optimization, aerial space, optimumizing ULDs volum,  sea containers, etc.

Goods traceability tools and installation/facilities accesses improvements.


Online B2C, typology, optimum dimensions of supplier boxes/delivery boxes to B2B store, internal cardboard, pouching system and product hanger.



Product packaging from supplier, distribution centers and ecommerce warehouse (SOP production, training, inspection and continuous monitoring).


Design of integral dashboards and indicators of control and tracking.

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